Yoga Inspired Tips for Healthy Transition into Spring

Yoga in its deepest form is about body awareness and mindfulness, and serves to bring overall wellbeing to body, mind, and sprit. As we change seasons and blossom into spring from depths of winter, our bodies go through a rejuvenating phase as well. The shift from winter to spring can bring up changes in our bodies and our energy levels. … Continue reading Yoga Inspired Tips for Healthy Transition into Spring

California has an ‘Amazing’ Wildflower Season

California has come out of drought this year and with such an amazing colorful bang! After months of dry spell and drought situations, Rain Gods finally showered some love and rain on the Anza Borrego Desert State Park and surrounding areas in California deserts - and it resulted in one of the most amazing Wildflower Blossoms … Continue reading California has an ‘Amazing’ Wildflower Season