Pamonha – The Flavor of Brazil

Brazil is a vast and beautiful country in South America also known famously as the country of Soccer and Carnival festival. The carnival is a mega event which most of us know about, featuring parade floats, flamboyant costumes, samba music and of course night long carefree dance. Brazil stretches from the Amazon basin in the … Continue reading Pamonha – The Flavor of Brazil

3 Ways to Incorporate Brussels Sprouts in your Salad

When you think of leafy greens, you don’t think of Brussels sprouts. Brussels sprouts are underrated and they shouldn’t be. Brussels sprouts are a great source of protein, iron, and potassium. They also contain vitamin k, vitamin c, fiber, and vitamin B6—vitamins that you need for optimal health. They taste amazing when steamed or fried. … Continue reading 3 Ways to Incorporate Brussels Sprouts in your Salad

6 Awesome Benefits of Green Tea

If you’re not much of a green tea drinker—knowing the health benefits of drinking tea will make you want to drink green tea once a week or even every day (if you really want to ensure that you’re getting all the benefits that your mind and body needs). The origins of green tea started around … Continue reading 6 Awesome Benefits of Green Tea