Origins of Bohemian Culture and Style

The bohemian culture and style is fascinating, which is why I want to share with you how it all began. A bohemian was defined as someone who had artistic/unconventional pursuits and lived an unconventional lifestyle. The bohemian culture began after the French Revolution. The effects of the French Revolution caused people to be impoverished, so … Continue reading Origins of Bohemian Culture and Style

6 Tips to Deepen your Yoga Practice

Yoga is more popular Worldwide than ever before.  As a yoga teacher, many students ask me how they can deepen and expand their yoga practice.  Most of my advice could be boiled down to 2 words: Don't compare. Don't Compare Your Asana To What You Think It Should Look Like If your teacher uses Sanskrit names for poses, … Continue reading 6 Tips to Deepen your Yoga Practice

Top 7 Outfits for Summer Garden Parties

Summer means birds chirping at daytime, lazy afternoons and long fun filled nights, specially if they have a bohemian flair to them! Summer also signifies fabulous outdoor garden parties, whether in daytime or evening.  Picnics, garden parties, barbecues - you name it.  This is the time of year for all outdoor action and more. While … Continue reading Top 7 Outfits for Summer Garden Parties

A Bohemian Summer

No other season probably defines Bohemia´ as much as summer does. Long days turn into garden-party evenings which further turn into wistful, starry nights. Summer is when the bohemian spirit can roam freely with style and panache to boot. Music festivals happen across the country, providing us with a little more freedom to indulge our bohemian wanderlust. Vibrant … Continue reading A Bohemian Summer

Healing Properties of 108 Beads Malas

silver Trendz 108 beads mala eat pray love

Since ancient times, humans have threaded colorful flowers, shells and beads into ornaments to be worn as body ornaments. Putting on a necklace or bracelet is as instinctive as putting on good clothes or perfume to attract attention, make a statement or tell a story. However, there is some jewelry that serves much deeper purposes both … Continue reading Healing Properties of 108 Beads Malas

6 Versatile Ways to Wear a Sarong

Summer is just around the corner and that means VACATIONS full of sand, sun and surf--oh, and sarongs! A sarong is a comfortable, convenient and versatile garment for vacation, especially to tropical locations. Nothing is chicer or sexier

Yoga and Natural Gemstones Jewelry

 Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word that means “to join” or “to unite”.  When we practice yoga, we unite with our true selves as well as the environment around us. Combining the use of natural stones with a yoga or meditation practice is a natural partnership. Incorporating natural stones can be beneficial in many different … Continue reading Yoga and Natural Gemstones Jewelry

Festival Ready with Style and Panache

Festival Season starts next week with Coachella and then we look forward to some great local as well as international music and summer festivals flowing through the season into fall. Festivals are our shine and live bright times, with moments and memories which etch out for a lifetime. Here are a few must haves from us to make your festival … Continue reading Festival Ready with Style and Panache