10 Ancient Buddhist Life Lessons which are more relevant Today

Buddhism Works – Actually. For people who have been raised in religions other than Buddhism, this can sound strange. But once you start living your life as per Buddhist philosophies, you can see changes in your life every day. With faith and persistence, you will experience a transformation, from the inside out which will completely change … Continue reading 10 Ancient Buddhist Life Lessons which are more relevant Today

California has an ‘Amazing’ Wildflower Season

California has come out of drought this year and with such an amazing colorful bang! After months of dry spell and drought situations, Rain Gods finally showered some love and rain on the Anza Borrego Desert State Park and surrounding areas in California deserts - and it resulted in one of the most amazing Wildflower Blossoms … Continue reading California has an ‘Amazing’ Wildflower Season

Sustainable Art of Fabric Printing

Fabric Printing by hand is an ancient process of dyeing fabric with plant based dyes, first used in Indian sub-continent around 4th century. Today known as Batik, Tie and Dye or Block Screen Printing processes, they are becoming increasing popular in many fashion scenes viz. apparel, home decor, bags etc. Though hand fabric printing is a fair trade industry, with … Continue reading Sustainable Art of Fabric Printing

Healing Powers and Properties of Rose Quartz


Rose Quartz is light pink in color and is widely known as the Love Stone because of gentle vibrations it emits to help open one's heart. Anyone who uses rose quartz may feel that it provides them with a sense of inner peace and self worth in matters pertaining to love and relationships. This crystal will aid you in reaching answers that … Continue reading Healing Powers and Properties of Rose Quartz

Guide To Creating Your Personal Sacred Space

Mindful Living is recognition of source of happiness and joy in our daily lives and living in the here and now instead of past and future. Every day we spend living with our anxieties, worries and fears is day spent without happiness already present in our lives. Mindfulness helps us to bring consciousness to both our mind and … Continue reading Guide To Creating Your Personal Sacred Space

Wildflower : A Colorful Story

Wildflower sivalya

While most of us are engulfed in pretty cold days currently, don't forget that spring is just round the corner. Colorful and  bright Wildflowers will soon be a visual part of the country's landscape. Often mistaken for weeds, bright pink, blue, yellow and purple wildflowers will be out in full swing. Wildflowers are just like our own free spirits, growing anywhere they … Continue reading Wildflower : A Colorful Story