Total Solar Eclipse: A Cosmic Phenomenon Through History

This year will be big in terms of science and astrology. A rare sighting of the total solar eclipse will be occurring on August 21st 2017 across the U.S. This years total solar eclipse falls in the zodiac sign of Leo, which is ruled by the sun. In astrology, a solar eclipse symbolizes a change … Continue reading Total Solar Eclipse: A Cosmic Phenomenon Through History

Spiritual Meaning and Purpose of Dream Catchers

Dream catchers are popularly regarded as a spiritual adornment that hovers over your bed in hopes to filter out bad dreams and maintain the good ones. According to legend, the dream catcher web represents good and bad forces. But what is its purpose? Should dream catchers remain in the past? Or are they used just … Continue reading Spiritual Meaning and Purpose of Dream Catchers

Mind, Body & Spirit: Benefits of Meditation

We live in a connected but a very crazy world. Our minds are constantly being bombarded with information from various sources - internet, social media, instant messaging, television, cell phones and friends. It’s no wonder that we begin to feel overwhelmed and overloaded at times. Meditation, starting with just 10 minutes a day, can help take … Continue reading Mind, Body & Spirit: Benefits of Meditation

Little Living Goddess of Nepal

Just like any other religion, Buddhism and Hinduism come with both pluses and minuses and we just need to work with pluses and ignore negative aspects most of the time. But, there are some traditions about which, well, you just don't know. We at Team Sivalya think that the tradition of Little Living Goddesses of Nepal … Continue reading Little Living Goddess of Nepal

California has an ‘Amazing’ Wildflower Season

California has come out of drought this year and with such an amazing colorful bang! After months of dry spell and drought situations, Rain Gods finally showered some love and rain on the Anza Borrego Desert State Park and surrounding areas in California deserts - and it resulted in one of the most amazing Wildflower Blossoms … Continue reading California has an ‘Amazing’ Wildflower Season

Sustainable Art of Fabric Printing

Fabric Printing by hand is an ancient process of dyeing fabric with plant based dyes, first used in Indian sub-continent around 4th century. Today known as Batik, Tie and Dye or Block Screen Printing processes, they are becoming increasing popular in many fashion scenes viz. apparel, home decor, bags etc. Though hand fabric printing is a fair trade industry, with … Continue reading Sustainable Art of Fabric Printing