Little Living Goddess of Nepal

Just like any other religion, Buddhism and Hinduism come with both pluses and minuses and we just need to work with pluses and ignore negative aspects most of the time. But, there are some traditions about which, well, you just don't know. We at Team Sivalya think that the tradition of Little Living Goddesses of Nepal … Continue reading Little Living Goddess of Nepal

10 Ancient Buddhist Life Lessons which are more relevant Today

Buddhism Works – Actually. For people who have been raised in religions other than Buddhism, this can sound strange. But once you start living your life as per Buddhist philosophies, you can see changes in your life every day. With faith and persistence, you will experience a transformation, from the inside out which will completely change … Continue reading 10 Ancient Buddhist Life Lessons which are more relevant Today

Meaning of 108 Beads Mala

Mala is Sanskrit for a "Heavenly Garland" and is essentially used by yogis for mantra japa meditation and reflection. Increasingly, its becoming popular as a wider part of yoga practice and bohemian lifestyle. You can see mala beads favored by celebrities, yoga teachers, musicians, artists and regular folks alike. Simply stated, they can be worn by anyone … Continue reading Meaning of 108 Beads Mala

10 Facts about Buddha you should know

Lord Buddha is one of the most important spiritual teachers in history. Today we see enormous Buddha statues in many countries, which are significant not only for their size but also for their historical and spiritual significance. Revered worldwide for his teachings and learnings, here are 5 facts about Buddha statutes which you should know: Buddha is considered … Continue reading 10 Facts about Buddha you should know