Sustainable Art of Fabric Printing

Fabric Printing by hand is an ancient process of dyeing fabric with plant based dyes, first used in Indian sub-continent around 4th century. Today known as Batik, Tie and Dye or Block Screen Printing processes, they are becoming increasing popular in many fashion scenes viz. apparel, home decor, bags etc. Though hand fabric printing is a fair trade industry, with … Continue reading Sustainable Art of Fabric Printing

Gift Sets for Holidays

sivalya gift sets

We know and understand how gifting can be sometimes. You want to make a great impression of love and gratitude with your gift, but don't know where to start or are stumbling with how much work it actually takes to create that perfect gift. The Sivalya Gift Guide is here. Check out some of these … Continue reading Gift Sets for Holidays

Bringing Bohemian Home in 7 Steps

Your space should be just as beautiful and carefree as you are.  Keep that wanderlust (temporarily) in check by creating a gorgeous, relaxing, environment around you.  You probably know that Team Sivalya is all about the Bohemian lifestyle and we are constantly thinking of new ways to improve every aspect of yours and our Bohemian lives  (Recently, we expanded to include Bohemian clothing and home … Continue reading Bringing Bohemian Home in 7 Steps