Team Sivalya visited India and as expected it was an unforgettable experience. We met with cultural shocks at the speed of lighting almost every day and visited multiple places in seven Indian cities. Right from people to smells to food to language, India is a sensory overload not easy for the mild hearted. But the … Continue reading TRAVEL DIARY ❖ JAIPUR

Pamonha – The Flavor of Brazil

Brazil is a vast and beautiful country in South America also known famously as the country of Soccer and Carnival festival. The carnival is a mega event which most of us know about, featuring parade floats, flamboyant costumes, samba music and of course night long carefree dance. Brazil stretches from the Amazon basin in the … Continue reading Pamonha – The Flavor of Brazil

Power of Om : The Primordial Sound of Universe

We have all heard the sound of OM in a yoga class, chanted it during a meditation session, seen the beautiful symbol on a poster or a T-shirt. Acknowledged as the core of existence of this Universe, sound of Om, Ohm or Aum has powerful meaning which transcends much beyond it’s basic understanding. On an … Continue reading Power of Om : The Primordial Sound of Universe

How to carry off a bold statement necklace

As an accessory trend, statement necklaces have made the biggest splash this season. And with good reason. More than any other accessory, a statement necklace can stylize your dress effortlessly either for a day at work or for a breezy evening by the poolside. With the warm weather and long summer nights holding fort; expect … Continue reading How to carry off a bold statement necklace

Pave Diamonds – A Brief Introduction

Pavè Diamonds are a top trend for both jewelry designs and jewelry enthusiasts. Its a pivot point for fine jewelry designers in literally every major jewelry show we’ve been to recently and you can see it’s influence in designs from high end cocktail rings and earrings to everyday necklaces. Not new in the area of jewelry making, … Continue reading Pave Diamonds – A Brief Introduction

New Year – Intentions and Mantras for 2018

New Year is the perfect time to take a break, realign our thoughts and examine where we are really headed in our lives. As we bid adieu to 2017, we all look forward to a better year, bigger achievements and happier times in 2018. The best way to achieve them is setting goals, working towards … Continue reading New Year – Intentions and Mantras for 2018

Mind, Body & Spirit: Benefits of Meditation

We live in a connected but a very crazy world. Our minds are constantly being bombarded with information from various sources - internet, social media, instant messaging, television, cell phones and friends. It’s no wonder that we begin to feel overwhelmed and overloaded at times. Meditation, starting with just 10 minutes a day, can help take … Continue reading Mind, Body & Spirit: Benefits of Meditation

6 Awesome Benefits of Green Tea

If you’re not much of a green tea drinker—knowing the health benefits of drinking tea will make you want to drink green tea once a week or even every day (if you really want to ensure that you’re getting all the benefits that your mind and body needs). The origins of green tea started around … Continue reading 6 Awesome Benefits of Green Tea