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New Year – Intentions and Mantras for 2018

New Year is the perfect time to take a break, realign our thoughts and examine where we are really headed in our lives. As we bid adieu to 2017, we all look forward to a better year, bigger achievements and happier times in 2018. The best way to achieve them is setting goals, working towards those goals and most importantly manifesting them. If you keep your intention close at hand, you become one step nearer to manifesting your dreams. One way of doing so are through Healing and Meditation Malas which are meant for just that purpose.

Mala is Sanskrit for a “Heavenly Garland” and is essentially used by yogis for mantra, japa meditation and reflection. Increasingly, its becoming popular as a wider part of yoga practice and bohemian lifestyle. You can see mala beads favored by celebrities, yoga teachers, musicians, artists and regular folks alike. Simply, they can be worn by anyone who wants a more mindful, peaceful state of life.

Searching for the perfect mala necklace to enhance both your meditation practice and style can be an overwhelming endeavor with the plethora of stones, intentions, and mantras to choose from. That’s why Team Sivalya put together this guide to help lead you towards the perfect mala match—the necklace truest to your unique, authentic self that will further your intentions, dreams, and manifestations. Also mentioned are Mantras associated with each Mala, you can try them as you go along with your practice and see how they work for you.

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Choosing your mala initially may appear difficult and confusing with many options available in stones, colors and designs. But best way is to let your intuition guide you. Once you know which stone is perfect for your intentions, let the the power and energy of those stones guide you to the right mala beads for you. Here’s a list of Mala Beads for each Intention and Mantras associated with mala which you could try


Your Stone is: Conch Shell

Conch Shell has been used since ancient times and helps you connect to your Crown Chakra or higher self. It is said that when the crown chakra is open and in balance, we are at the height of our spiritual. Hence it is also the most difficult chakra to balance. Conch Shell helps guide you towards opening of the crown chakra and also aids with mental clarity and discovery of our inner wisdom.

Mala Suggestions:

  1.    White Conch Shell 108 Mala Beads Prayer Necklace
  2.    Laughing Buddha & White Conch Shells 108 Beads








Try this Mantra: I am connected to the world around me. Above me, below me and around me at all times. I seek the highest truth and the most healing ways into my life. I appreciate, honor and protect the spirit within me and that brings beauty, harmony, peace, and joy.


Your Stone is: Turquoise

A stone of healing, turquoise provides protection and promotes purification by releasing negative energy. This stone also promotes communication between the spiritual and physical, fostering a sense of inner tranquility by aligning all of the chakras.

Mala Suggestions: 

  1.  Turquoise 108 Beads Japa Necklace

Try this Mantra: My body is strong. My mind is clear. My soul is limitless.


Your Stone is: Black Obsidian and Yak Bone

It is believed that Black Obsidian gemstones have Courage, Grounding and Protection properties. They block Negativity, help Protect against depression, symbolize self-control and resilience.

Yak Bone is used in Buddhism to remind us of our impermanence and universal strength. These beads are made by hand and acquired with reverence and care from naturally demised Yak animal, considered sacred and powerful in Tibetan Buddhist culture.

Mala Suggestions: 

  1.  Black Obsidian 108 Beads Prayer Necklace 
  2.  Yak Bone Beads 108 Prayer Necklace

Try this Mantra: I Am Strong. Physically, mentally, and emotionally. I hold an innate human ability to find strength in situations, surroundings, and myself. I make the choice to be happy, to be grounded, to be love, and to be strong.


Your Stone is: Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the stone of the heart and love and will help align your heart chakra. Rose quartz purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace. Also known as a romance stone, Rose Quartz can be used to attract love.

Mala Suggestions: 

  1. Rose Quartz 108 Beads Mala

Try this Mantra: I am full of endless Love. I am empowered to attract Love.


Your Stone is: Rudraksha and Rosewood

Sacred Rudraksha beads are made from the seeds of the Rudraksha tree (Elaeocarpus ganitrus)  Rudraksha, meaning “eye of Shiva” or “tears of Shiva” in Sanskrit, have been worn for their profound spiritual significance and powerful healing properties and were treated as divine treasure to be cherished. These beads are believed to increase concentration, relieve stress, reduce blood pressure and promote peace of mind.

Rosewood is a type of tree native to Nepal and India. The mild scent of rosewood plays a huge part in its healing properties. The scent is released and awakened more with age. It can help alleviate nervousness, headaches, and frigidity and may also help boost the immune system because of its calming effect.

Mala Suggestions: 

  1.  Rudraksha 108 Mala Beads Prayer Necklace
  2. Tibetan Rosewood 108 Mala Beads Necklace


Try this Mantra: My body is strong. My mind is clear. My soul is limitless.

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