Feng Shui on the art of creating Sacred Spaces

You might have heard of Feng Shui when it comes to “at home” decorating. People who incorporate Feng Shui into their homes want a more balanced and organized lifestyle. According to Chinese History, Feng Shui originally began as a way to determine areas that were safe to raise a family and to build a good life. Today, Feng Shui is used the same way; we incorporate Feng Shui fundamentals to building a more harmonized space. The literal meaning for Feng Shui is “wind” (Feng) and “water” (Shui). I bet you didn’t know that! So why is wind and water important?

In ancient Chinese history, farms were specifically located in areas that were not affected by harsh winds, but were surrounded by pure streams of water. Many farmers thrived on this idea of cultivating acres of land that were sustainable and free from severe weather. Since then, Feng Shui has been altered by generations and scholars who transformed this concept into a practice or a discipline.

There are many Feng Shui concepts, but the general idea is to place objects in the home that follow the natural flow of energy, “Qi” or to place objects that have symbolic meaning of harmony and balance.

Things to consider when creating a Feng Shui into your home:

Your “Happy Place”

We all have that one area in our home that we spend the most time in. What’s your favorite room, is it your office, entertainment room, bedroom, living room? Discover that area you love to spend time in and see what things in that room needs an architectural transformation.


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Photo: Kaya Kilims


Structure of your “Happy Place”

How is your favorite room organized? Take a good look at the layout of your space to determine what objects or furniture that needs to stay, move, or find a new home, like the saying goes…”a clean home is a happy home.”

Photo: Loom and Kiln

And, of course if you think you’re better off hiring someone with better expertise on finding balance, there are Feng Shui consultants that will more than help you find balance and harmony. Jennifer A. Emmer is a Feng Shui Expert and Interior Designer that helps clients “Feng Shui” their homes and office spaces. Look up Feng Shui Style for more details: http://fengshuistyle.us/what-is-feng-shui/the-process/

Feng Shui Home Decor

At Sivalya, we have Feng Shui decor that you can place inside or outside of your home for balance and harmony.

Buddha Pagoda Feng Shui Wind Chime


According to Tibetan-Chinese history, pagodas are placed outside or inside homes to ward of negative spirits. The Buddha Pagoda Bell features a three tier pagoda with a Buddha on top of a tower along with four characters which translates to “Protection for the Entire Family.” Place this bell at the entry of your home to protect your place from bad energy.


Chi Energy Feng Shui 9 Bells Pagoda Wind Chime


The Pagoda Top Tier Wind Chime features six bells on top, six Buddhist leaders, two bells, and one medium size bell on the bottom. Each bell is attached with a red tassel. In the Chinese culture, the color red symbolizes good luck and happiness. Place this Pagoda Top Tier Wind Chime on your front porch for good luck.


Auspicious Symbols Feng Shui Coin and Pagoda 


Pagodas are used to ward off negative energy. Our delicate Hanging Temple Pagoda Wind Chime features a three tier pagoda with auspicious symbols along with a red tassel. Hang the Pagoda Wind Chine outside of your home for protection.

I hope you enjoyed my brief history lesson on Feng Shui, hopefully it sparks your curiosity on creating a Feng Shui space for your home!

xoxo ✨ Meghan – TeamSivalya