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Festival Ready: 5 Must-Have Essentials

Festival Season is here! Plus Summery Beach days and bonfires are not far behind! Now is when you can really experiment freely and let your inner creative spirit run wild and have some fun with your looks. It’s time to get inspired by the creativity and freedom in style which comes with a summer festival, the boots, the fringes, bohemian apparel, bohochic jewelry, glitter and of course the body art! Here are five truly amazing, essentials to have to be Festival-Ready.

Get some streaks. Coloring your hair can be a great way to look flashy and festival ready. Try some modern color hues of red, purple, yellow, blue or green. If not permanent streaks, temporary colors for hair are a great way to go. Just brush them over your hair, seal it with a shot of hairspray and you’re done.

Tattoo your body. If you’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo, now might be a good time. If not, gold flash tattoos are way to go! Easy to put on, they add glam and shine to all parts of your body and can stay on for a few days. Mix and match the patterns and match them with your outfits for an instant style update.

Flash Tattoos – Sivalya

Add some Tie and Dye Apparel. Tie and Dye are almost synonymous with summers and music festivals. Do this trend in a chic and modern style with light summery fabrics like cotton and rayon. Wearing anything else than cotton can be uncomfortable and lead to sweaty, sticky situations, especially under the hot sun. Organic Cotton Tie and Dye sarongs are a versatile piece of apparel which can multi-task as a wrap, halter dress, skirt and even a blanket.

Cotton Sarongs and Bohemian Necklaces & Bracelets – Sivalya

Get some Bohemian Jewelry. Chunky, Bohemian style necklaces and bracelets are a must have for music festivals. Beads, feathers, coins, shells .. you name it and you will see them at Coachella. Styled to perfection, boho necklaces and bracelets add that super fun vibe to your outfits.

Comfortable sandals and boots. Days at Festivals are long and nights are even longer. Invest in some comfortable sandals and boots for day long ease. You could switch from sandals in daytime to boots in nights, and not be tired for the next day.

Now it’s your turn. Let us know what is your fave festival style in comments below or hit us up on Facebook or Instagram. ✨ 💕  Team Sivalya.