Healing Powers and Properties of Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is light pink in color and is widely known as the Love Stone because of gentle vibrations it emits to help open one’s heart. Anyone who uses rose quartz may feel that it provides them with a sense of inner peace and self worth in matters pertaining to love and relationships. This crystal will aid you in reaching answers that are in highest good for you, and can assist you with important matters of the heart including falling in love, getting married or releasing and letting go of a relationship that isn’t working. Rose Quartz is also quite popular for skin rejuvenation as a means of smoothing out wrinkles.

Rose Quartz is naturally formulated in earth’s crust all over the world and specifically found in Brazil, Madagascar, USA, Germany and India. The translucent milky quality of Rose Quartz makes it ideal for using in jewelry as cabochons or carved up in beautiful shapes. Often referred to as stone of love, healing powers of Rose Quartz encourages forgiveness and helps clear stored resentment and jealousy and replace it with passion and harmony. Rose Quartz helps to balance upper four chakras and eases sexual/emotional imbalances. It enhances self-confidence and creativity. Aids kidneys and circulatory system, promotes release of impurities.


Rose Quartz Physical Properties

Composition – Silicon Dioxide
Hardness – 7
Corresponding Chakra – the Heart Chakra
Corresponding Astrological Signs – Libra and Taurus

How to Use Rose Quartz

Like most gemstones, Rose Quartz should be worn close to the skin so its healing energy can be easily absorbed. That plus its beautiful pink hue makes it a favorite for jewelry designers and wearers. Rose Quartz is well-suited for all types of gemstone jewelry including earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets. For spirituality and mindfulness, try Rose Quartz Malas or Gemstone Bracelets.


Another way of using Rose Quartz is keeping it close in its metaphysical form. Round spheres, pointed crystals, tumbled stones and candle holders are getting increasingly popular with spiritually inclined. You can keep these crystals in a special little crystal pouch, carry them with at all times and take them out for use. Alternatively you can keep large stones in the four corners of your room or under your pillow, at night where you can easily absorb its energies at night.