Wildflower : A Colorful Story

While most of us are engulfed in pretty cold days currently, don’t forget that spring is just round the corner. Colorful and  bright Wildflowers will soon be a visual part of the country’s landscape. Often mistaken for weeds, bright pink, blue, yellow and purple wildflowers will be out in full swing.

Wildflowers are just like our own free spirits, growing anywhere they want, wild, untamed and carefree. Our wildflower collection, echoes similar sentiments but better – in jewels. Colorful Gemstones, open-abale lockets, rose, white, yellow gold or black rhodium finishes on sterling silver metal make for enchantingly beautiful jewelry pieces.  Love ’em, enjoy ’em and be whisked away to a Wildflower getaway below…


You belong somewhere you’re free, you belong among all the Wildflowers…..


Heart necklace in yellow gold, Round necklace in rose gold, Pear necklace in black rhodium


Round earrings in black rhodium, Blue Chalcedony pear earrings, Heart earrings in rose gold


Wear it your way, with or without the stone…


🌸 xoxo 🌸 see you out there……