Top 7 Outfits for Summer Garden Parties

Summer means birds chirping at daytime, lazy afternoons and long fun filled nights, specially if they have a bohemian flair to them! Summer also signifies fabulous outdoor garden parties, whether in daytime or evening.  Picnics, garden parties, barbecues - you name it.  This is the time of year for all outdoor action and more. While … Continue reading Top 7 Outfits for Summer Garden Parties

A Bohemian Summer

No other season probably defines Bohemia´ as much as summer does. Long days turn into garden-party evenings which further turn into wistful, starry nights. Summer is when the bohemian spirit can roam freely with style and panache to boot. Music festivals happen across the country, providing us with a little more freedom to indulge our bohemian wanderlust. Vibrant … Continue reading A Bohemian Summer