6 Tips on How to Wear Stackable Rings

Are you up-to date on the newest rings trend? Well, wearing just one ring is kinda outdated and Stackable rings are all the rage right now. With a playful, yet sophisticated look being predominant – layering, mixing, matching and stacking rings have become the new normal.  Even pinkie and thumb rings are in on this trend!  We at Silver Trendz are obsessed and our collections range from the small and dainty to large, beautiful statement rings that just scream “look at me!”  We have a few tips right here to help you get your game on with this trend:

1. Through thick and thin

Wear rings of varied width to keep the look interesting, especially if they’re made of the same metal.  Changing up the texture can also help keep it from looking boring!


2. Mix and Match

You can’t go wrong with gemstones – mix diffrent colors, sizes and setting types.  This is the quintessential boho chic look.  Go wild here!  The more, the merrier!

3. Anchors Aweigh!

Anchor your look by using a larger statement ring and build around it, adding other rings that complement the style and metal of the anchor ring. Pairing a large ring with other much smaller rings can serve to elegantly showcase your anchor ring.


4. Delicate

For some occasions, delicate rings is what is needed.  We’re talking about fewer rings, smaller and less conspicuous rings.  Wear thin rings on multiple fingers to create a really sophisticated look that is beautifully delicate and feminine.


5.  Balancing Act

Keep your look balanced by mixing metals and gemstones. Also keeping jewelry balanced evenly on your fingers, if you’re not using a larger anchor ring is a great idea.  This is a more grown-up, sophisticated look.

birthstone stack rings gemstone silver trendz tiny gemstone ring

6. Mini and Knuckle Rings

Mini or Midi Rings have developed a new dimension on their own. They are in raging fashion currently, with multiple layers and co-ordinating metals, stones and colors. This dreamy look combines gemstone colors and matching metals but switches up textures which elevates the look, making it really delicate, feminine and pretty!


Enjoy exploring and experimenting with the stacking rings trend as it is as personalized as you are.  Jewelry should express who you are and most importantly, should be fun.  And remember, there is no right or wrong way!