Growing Your Small Business With Wholesale Lots

Running a successful small business can be hectic and sometimes can be overwhelming, especially if your business involves retail sales e.g. Etsy, Ebay, Amazon etc.  You want to be sure you are getting the best items for your inventory at the most competitive price point. With international trade getting more and more crowded with sellers and merchandise of questionable repute, it is imperative that small businesses work with local suppliers who can be trusted and returns be arranged up with if needed.


Rather than touring wholesale warehouses or trade shows to view and order merchandise, online wholesale options are getting more popular. Plus in case merchandise returns need to be arranged for any reason, you will find it easier to work with an online business as it is less cumbersome. Of course, you need to complete your due diligence checks to make sure you are working with a  reputable online company and not a fly by night by operator.

With these points in mind and from requests of many of our regular patrons, Sivalya also has made sample table lots available for sale online, including these Lots from Sivalya.  Our intent is to be a supplier of choice for small and medium businesses who need quick, quality merchandise at low prices to scale their operations higher. Here are a few ways you can benefit from buying wholesale lots to help grow your small business.


Wholesale lots are competitively priced.  As with many products, jewelry items can be cheaper to purchase in bulk.  The larger the quantity you are purchasing, better are discounts and perks.


In business, building relationships is essential to the success of your venture.  Buying wholesale lots allows you to create a mutually beneficial relationship with a wholesale seller that you can continue to work with and communicate with, rather than visiting a warehouse infrequently and meeting with someone you haven’t spoken to since the last time.  Most online marketplaces allow buyers and sellers to rate one another. These positive ratings can be valuable as merchants decide who they should do business with.

Easy Product Comparison

Online product listings include important product information, like materials, quality, etc. along with photographs and pricing information.  This is all listed in one place, which makes it easy to comparison shop at a glance.  At a traditional brick-and-mortar wholesaler, this information is not as easy to compare.

Rare items

Online marketplaces are the best, most convenient way to find rare items.  Rather than traveling from place-to-place in search of a rare item, a simple search on your search engine of choice or favorite online retailer might yield the rare item you’re searching for without leaving your home or office!  (Or home-office.  You go, entrepreneur!)

Go green

Being able to shop from home or office (Or from nearly anywhere on your phone!) allows for higher profits by limiting your travel costs.  This is also good for the environment, as this reduces your carbon footprint and  leave a better, cleaner world for future generations.

Ready-made business

Buying a Sample Table Lots from Sivalya is an easy way to start your own business.  You don’t have to make anything or spend time providing a service. This is a business that is easy to run solo.  Fewer employees means bigger profits.  You can start with just a few and gradually increase your order as business starts growing.  The opportunities are endless!

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