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Festival Ready with Style and Panache

Festival Season starts next week with Coachella and then we look forward to some great local as well as international music and summer festivals flowing through the season

into fall. Festivals are our shine and live bright times, with moments and memories which etch out for a lifetime.


Here are a few must haves from us to make your festival season as stylish as possible with elegance and comfort. On our list? Organic cotton flow skirts, vegan tie and dye tops, super soft cashmere ponchos, mandala rounds, flash tattoos and silver jewelry with meaning and purpose. Here are some loves from us:


Organic Vegan Cotton Mini Flare Skirts


Shibori Indigo Handmade Tie and Dye Scarves


Cashmere Ponchos and Silver Jewelry 


Mandala Roundies

gold-silver-metallic-tattoos-hair-arm-leg-crown-safe-temporary tattoo

Safe Flash Tattoos for Hair, Arm, Body Art

Enjoy the festivals in style and make memories to last a lifetime!

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