Homes of Hope

Happy Holidays for Everyone!

Homes of Hope India is a charity organization building orphanages to provide shelter and basic necessities of life for poor abandoned girls in India. While India has a cultural history of equality between men and women with many powerful Goddesses still revered and worshiped, as of late women and specially young girls are not as wanted any more. Many times abandoned if not killed at birth, baby girls are looked down upon as a burden on family they are born in.

Our team at Sivalya does our little bit to make lives of these abandoned young girls a little better and save them from sex trade on streets, otherwise destined for them. We proudly work with Homes of Hope India by contributing a portion of our sales to their charity every year. Now on to building their sixth home for girls, we wish to keep working with them even more in years to come and you can catch a glimpse of their work here: Homes of Hope.